A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Earth Worm Battle is based on the classic game Snake. The twist is you can dig and resurface between two different layers to go over and under yourself and the opponent. While underground, eating dirt makes you grow longer.

The game requires two local players, or up to five online players. The web version only supports local multiplayer.

Online multiplayer listens on port 5678. If you are hosting a game, make sure your router forwards it to you. There's no matchmaking. For other players to connect, you'll need to tell them your public IP address.

Gamepad Controls

All Players:
  • Change direction: d-pad
  • Dig: A, X
  • Resurface: B, Y

Keyboard Controls

  • Change direction: arrow keys
  • Dig: PgDn, X, or period
  • Resurface: PgUp, Z, or comma
  • Change direction: WSAD
  • Dig: E
  • Resurface: Q

Theme Explanation

This game was made for the Monthly Game Trideathalon #2 using multiple themes:


  • Earthworms are associated with dirt and digesting corpses, so the game takes place in a graveyard.
  • The gameplay revolves around trying to outlast or kill the other worm.


  • Like in classic Snake, you can't stop moving
  • Everyone accelerates over time. Eventually the speed makes the worms hard to control in a sudden-death fashion.


  • Earthworms are all about the underground lifestyle
  • There's a digging game mechanic.
  • You can eat dirt! Mmmm... dirt.

Play-in-browser error?

If the web player displays an error while using Firefox, disabling Enhanced Tracking Protection might fix the problem.

Network multiplayer is not currently supported in the browser version.


earth-worm-battle-linux.zip 15 MB
Version 4 Aug 27, 2020
earth-worm-battle-windows.zip 28 MB
Version 4 Aug 27, 2020
earth-worm-battle-mac.zip 14 MB
Version 4 Aug 27, 2020
earth-worm-battle-web.zip 4 MB
Version 4 Aug 27, 2020

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